Wholesale Terms and Conditions of Sale


The use of our wholesale program and wholesale pricing confirms your binding agreement to our policies, terms, and conditions listed below and expires at 2 years after your last wholesale purchase from 1st-line Equipment, LLC. Our wholesale terms and conditions are different than our retail terms and conditions.


After approval of your submitted information, you will be provided with a login/registration address.

Please register on https://1st-line.coffee and save your username and password in a safe place. We maintain stock status on https://1st-line.coffee only. Our system allows you to add different shipping addresses for your customers and keep them for shipping future orders.


We require all retailers and resellers to utilize our online ordering system at  to place all orders. This not only allows faster processing and turnaround, but it also provides you with a tracking number and inventory information. Orders online by 2:00pm EST for in-stock items are usually shipped same business day. Sorry, we do not take orders for out of stock items. We will alert you via email when an item is back in stock.

Other methods of ordering (ie in person, fax, email, checking retailer system) will incur additional charges to the order. Minimum charge is 10% of order total including shipping for other order processing methods and is used to cover additional expenses for the services requested.


For cancellations, the retailer should email us, use the web sites help desk support, as well as phone us (732-298-6375) as quickly as possible until someone is reached to confirm the cancellation.

For Prepay customers, a 3% cancellation fee is deducted from the credit for all cancelled orders.


1st-line Equipment, LLC has an online help desk mechanism for resellers in the online account. 1st-line Equipment, LLC prefers all communications for cancellations, damages, defects, and missing items/components be made through email. For cancellations, the reseller should also call as soon as possible during business hours: M-F (excluding holidays) 10:00am to 5:00pm EST


If you are a ‘prepay account with credit card’ customer, you authorize us to charge your credit card immediately to reserve a unit for shipping on the next available business shipping day. We do accept PayPal, as well.

All accounts are prepaid.


It is the re-seller’s responsibility to acquire your customer’s agreement on the online order or signature when ordered by phone:

a) Lack of water in the internal boiler, not just the water reservoir, can damage the heating element – these cases are not handled under warranty as this is not a defect of the machine. Customer should watch the water intake hose (where applicable) when starting for the first time to insure water is being drawn in. If not, they should stop machine immediately and call you to email us.

b) All water should be drained from internal boiler before shipping machines in freezing weather.

c) All DAMAGE claims must be reported within five (5) days of receipt/delivery and the equipment must NOT be used. Customers should not use the equipment and must keep all original packaging. Replacements for damages are charged to your account, and credit is issued upon satisfactory return of damaged shipment. Satisfactory returns must include the original accessories, original packaging, and proper packing of loose articles to avoid damage. Failure to comply will result in denial of credit to your account due to denial of payment of claim from the common carrier.

d) All Defects On Arrival (DOA) must be reported within five (5) days of receipt/delivery. Replacements for DOAs are charged to your account, and credit is issued upon satisfactory return of defective shipment. Satisfactory returns determined defective by 1st-line Equipment, LLC must include the original accessories, original packaging, and proper packing of loose articles to avoid damage. Failure to comply will result in denial of credit to your account.

e) All claims for missing item(s) and/or component(s) must be reported within five (5) days of receipt/delivery. 1st-line Equipment, LLC’s only responsibility will be to ship the missing item or component. Missing item(s) or component(s) external to the machine are not considered a defect.


We only ship to USA destinations. F.O.B. Freehold, New Jersey.

Shipping fees plus insurance and signature required for delivery fees are additional and included in the UPS rate unless where noted. F.O.B. Freehold, New Jersey. Some palletized equipment may have additional shipping charges billed separately. We do not charge drop ship fees.


Shipping days do not include Saturday, Sunday, or holidays. We also do not ship on days UPS is closed. All orders must be placed by 2pm EST to be processed on the same business day.

In Stock Items General Delivery Time: Up to 10 days.
Out of Stock Items: Up to 90 days.


1st-line Equipment, LLC will not be responsible for any fraud orders of our wholesale customers. It is the responsibility of the retailer/re-seller to validate each end user customer as well as validate payment and addresses of each end user customer. 1st-line Equipment, LLC will not be held liable for shipments with UPS showing delivered.

1st-line Equipment, LLC does not guarantee and will not be liable for shipments signed by an individual other than the recipient at the same address (ie doorman, fraudster, etc) as UPS does not obtain direct signature.

To avoid re-directs of shipments to your customer’s validated bill-to address or validated different ship-to address, 1st-line Equipment, LLC has requested to UPS that re-directs are never permissible. Unfortunately, if a ship-to address error was made on an order, 1st-line Equipment, LLC is unable to redirect the shipment to the corrected address.

In the event that a retailer discovers an order was fraudulent while the order is in transit, the retailer will be responsible for all costs associated with the order, including but not limited to labor costs, shipping fees, and intercept fees (before delivery) back to the retailer.


Returns accepted and refunds provided only on units deemed defective (DOES NOT INCLUDE DAMAGES BY END USER) by 1st-line Equipment, LLC and reported within first 5 days of customer receipt. End user pays return shipping as end user is responsible party for packaging and insurance.


Refunds can take up to 30 days from our receipt of defective return to process.

No returns AND no refunds on accessories, parts, or coffees.


This is to maintain an image for the manufacturers’ products while allowing retailers to provide crucial after-sale services to end users. Retailers are always allowed the opportunity to phone or email non-MAP quotes on a personal, direct-selling, non-automated basis. Products, by law, cannot be sold higher than MSRP unless the customer is completely aware of the MSRP. Warranties can not be extended by any dealer, and such extensions will void the first year warranty as well as terminate all wholesale purchasing privileges with 1st-line Equipment, LLC.

other than brand exceptions, coupons are allowable via email, for online (internet/web) sales, or physical store sales as long as the coupon is not item nor brand specific.  Free gifts with purchase are allowable up to 10% of MAP, the 10% value of the free gifts are calculated at the lowest selling price of the dealer, and must be sold as an available item for retail purchase. Discounts for combo espresso machine/grinder purchases (which includes other manufacturers in the package) are only allowable when the package price discount does not exceed 10% of MAP for 1st-line Equipment, LLC products, and no Free Gift Items are offered.

Brands Electing to be Excluded from Coupon Use: ECM, Bezzera, Mazzer, Quamar, & Bacchi


HOME EQUIPMENT: One year parts and labor warranty limited to manufacturer’s defect unless otherwise noted. Plumb-able machines only have a one year parts warranty and labor/tech support warranty is responsibility of selling dealer.

COMMERCIAL EQUIPMENT: One year parts only warranty limited to manufacturer’s defect. Limited technical support limited to dealer/reseller only.

PARTS: No warranty on resale parts.

Customer/retailer responsible for return shipping costs after first five (5) days after receipt/delivery. This limited warranty overrides any manufacturer warranties or warranties stated in the manufacturer’s manual. For all warranty assistance, the retailer, NOT END USER, must contact 1st-line Equipment, LLC via email with customer’s contact information, purchase date, model number, and detailed description of claimed problem. please understand we need this information as consumers try to acquire warranty assistance after the warranty period. Most customers do not have a receipt to make a claim.

Exclusions to limited warranty applicable to products as noted. The following exclusions, which are not limited to, include and apply to the product during the warranty period:

1. Expendable items and items whose damage occurs as a result of failure to follow instructions that come with the product,
2. Problems related to water damage, poor water quality, and scaling,
3. Products for which the applicable serial number has been removed or altered,
4. Any product that has been damaged or rendered defective as a result of accident, abuse, misuse, lack of reasonable and necessary maintenance/cleaning, neglect, faulty installation, mishandling, damage during shipment, line power surge or any external causes,
5. Operation of product outside the parameters stated in the user documentation that shipped with product,
6. Usage of parts not manufactured by original manufacturer,
7. Modification or service by anyone other than our authorized distributor or an authorized warranty provider,
8. Any acts of God, such as, but not limited to, lightening, flood, or fire,
9. The cost of installations or routine maintenance items, such as gaskets, o-rings, grinding burrs, and other normal wear and tear items,
10. Usage of product in a commercial environment/setting/purpose,
11. Warranty period is not transferable,
12. Shipping costs to ship product back to authorized warranty center provided,
13. On-site labor, and/or expedited shipping cost of parts to customer for self-repair, and
14. Products shipped or brought outside the United States of America
15. Cosmetic defects

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